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Affiliated Researchers

Many leading researchers throughout the world have been in the forefront of investigating novel materials and methods to transform infrastructure engineering.  The following researchers have agreed to be part of a group to promote widespread implementation of innovation in bridges and civil infrastructure.

M. Shahria Alam

The University of British Columbia

Azadeh (Alice) Alipour

University of Massachusetts

Email: alipour@engin.umass.edu

Bassem Andrawes

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Email: andrawes@illinois.edu

Atorod Azizinamini
Florida International University

Email: atorodazizinamini2@hotmail.com

Lawrence Bank
City College of New York

Email: lbank2@ccny.cuny.edu

Ian Buckle
University of Nevada, Reno

Email: igbuckle@unr.edu

Fabio Casciati
University of Pavia, Italy

Email: fabio@dipmec.unipv.it

Reginald Desroches
Georgia Tech

Email: reginald.desroches@ce.gatech.edu

Raafat El-Hacha

University of Calgary, Alberta

Email: relhacha@ucalgary.ca

Maria Feng
Columbia University, City of New York

Email: mfeng@columbia.edu

Bora Gencturk

University of Houston, Texas

Email: bgencturk@uh.edu

Zach Haber

Parsons, Orlando, FL

Email: Zachary.B.Haber@parsons.com

Ahmad Itani
University of Nevada, Reno

Email: itani@unr.edu

Kazuhiko Kawashima
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Email: kawashima.k.ae@m.titech.ac.jp

Katherine (Qizhen) Li
University of Nevada, Reno

Email: qizhenl@unr.edu

Amir Mirmiran
Florida International University

Email: mirmiran@fiu.edu

Masoud Motavalli
Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, EMPA, Zurich, Switzerland

Email: masoud.motavalli@empa.ch

Claudia Ostertag
University of California, Berkeley

Email: ostertag@ce.berkeley.edu

Jamie Padgett
Rice University

Email: jamie.padgett@rice.edu

Keri Ryan
University of Nevada, Reno

Email: Keri.Ryan@unr.edu

M. Saiid Saiidi
University of Nevada, Reno

Email: saiidi@unr.edu

Konstantin Sobolev
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Email: sobolev@uwm.edu

Yan Xiao
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Hunan University, China

Email: yanxiao@usc.edu