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Column and Footing Pocket Connections for Cast in Place and Precast Construction


Dear Visitor:

Welcome to our website!  Highlights of a research projects on earthquake-resistant precast bridge system are presented on this site.  The study was funded by the Nevada Department of Transportation agreement number P593-18-803.  However, the material and opinions presented on this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of NDOT.  Special thanks are due Mr. Troy Martin, the NDOT Assistant Chief of Structures Division for his interest and advice on different aspects of the project.  Prof. YoshikazuAraki of Osaka University and Mr. Sumio Kise of Furukawa Techno Material Co., Ltd. of Japan  are thanked for their close collaboration in developing and supplying the Copper-Aluminum-Manganese (CAM) bars for this project.  The research team is also indebted to Messrs. Christian Dahl and Joseph Morente of Headed Reinforcement Corp. (HRC) for donating materials

Please feel free to use the material from this site with acknowledgement that includes statements such as “…funded by the Nevada Department of Transportation and directed by M. Saiidi at the University of Nevada, Reno.”  We welcome your comments about this site.

M. Saiid Saiidi