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Dear Visitor:

Welcome to our website!  Highlights of a research project on in-span hinge deformations of post-tensioned concrete bridges are presented on this site.  The study is funded by Caltrans through grant No. 65A0390.  However, the material and opinions presented on this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Caltrans. Special thanks are due Ms. Kamal Sah, the Caltrans Research Program Manager in the initial part of the project and to Mr. Hamid Ikram, the current Caltrans Research Program Manager, for their support and advice.  The interest and comments of Mr. Marc Friedheim, Ms. Sue Hida, and Mr. Juan Araya, and Don Nguyen-Tan of Caltrans are also much appreciated..  

The research team is indebted to the Caltrans structural representatives and other Caltrans field staff for their tremendous assistance.  Specifically the following individuals are thanked for facilitating the data collection at different bridge sites:  I-5/N-170 Connector in Los Angeles: Mr. Houshang Alishahi; Wilshire Blvd. Interchange in Los Angeles: Mr. David Muwanes, Mr. Amir Hassoun, and Mr. Richard Julodow; Del Paso Parkway  in Sacramento: Mr. Jack Rothaus, Mr. Joshua Burke, and Mr. John Lammers; Bradley Overhead: Mr. Sam Singh, and Mr. Raman Guraya; and San Luis Rey Creek Crossing: Mr. Juan Torres, and Mr. Purisimo Rosal.

Please feel free to use the material with acknowledgement that includes statements such as “…funded by Caltrans and directed by M. Saiidi at the University of Nevada, Reno.”  We welcome your comments about this site.

M. Saiid Saiidi