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Fiction by Saiidi

Saturday Lesson with Sierra - March 2004

In an attempt to discover the truth of his soul, Sam Heris (Saiidi’s pen name for this book) creates Sierra whose contrasting views question Sam’s deepest beliefs.

Through their contentious and thought-provoking Saturday conversations, Sam and Sierra take a journey that unveils the mysteries of behind our given societal notions to the meaning of ‘beauty’ and ‘the free spirit.’

Through discussions about their personal dramas and how they relate life’s biggest questions, they are left only with feelings neither can fully explain nor articulate. Their journey completes with a fantasy experience that both Sierra and Sam unwillingly float into, with a surprise ending.


The Shining Sun - September 2006

I thought about writing a book about Aziz, my Grandmother, when I was ten.  The title was going to be “The Sun Is Yet to Set.”  Through this book I wanted to express my deep appreciation for Aziz, her unrestricted love, warmth, and support.  She filled a void and helped ease the pain of dealing with my parents’ divorce, which took place when I was seven.  Aziz’s kindness was unlimited and unqualified.  Seeing her and listening to her assuring voice brightened my life.

Now after more than 40 years as I reflect back, not only I remember her compassion for my sister and me, I also see the lessons of life that she taught me.  The book title is different from what I had planned.  The new title shows my broader feeling about Aziz, God bless her soul.  This title reflects a never ending positive ambience.  The title I had planned as a child implied that the Sun will set eventually, something that I do not now believe.  The Sun “sets” only when we on our tiny planet turn away from it.


Chicago - April 2002

As a foreign student coming from the other side of the world, my first few months were full of interesting encounters in America.    Encounters by themselves do not make stories.  How one sees the encounters and reacts to them are good parts of forming the whole event.  In this brief book I talk about ten such stories.