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Paintings for Masters Students (see table below)

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Painting is one of my hobbies.  I started to paint when my parents bought me a set of water color, a medium that I used exclusively until 2005, when I explored acrylic painting.  Sharing my paintings with my former students  is something that I began recently.  These are new paintings that I have done specifically for each former student.  The link to those that have been already done is shown in the right column.   I hope you enjoy them.   

Masters with Thesis (63 Total; 48 as Main Adviser; 15 as Co-Adviser)

Saber Abdel-Ghaffar. '90 Flying Carpets Letter to Saber
Binoy Abraham
Suresh Acharya, '95
Manas Asthana, '01
Chadi Ayoub, '03
Austin Brown, '09
Anita Buzick (Bush), '99
Christian Camarena Lone Cypress 3-2020
Cory Caywood, '99
Suhas Chandane, '03
Zhyuan Cheng, '01 Damavand Mountain
Manuel Coll
Ihab Darwish, '95
Gang Dong
Kelly Doyle, '08
George Ghusn, '86 Emerald Bay 8-2020
Greg Griffin, '95
Bryan Hansen
Jim Hart, '84 Bald Eagle 4-2020
David Hillis, '09
Ken Hodson, 82 Washington Monument Fall 2019
Tom Ho
Eric Hutchens, ' 92
Yang Jiang, '91 Freedom Square
Nathan Johnson, '03 Khayyam Tomb
Rita Johnson, '05 Emerald Bay 8-2020
Jared Jones, '16 Persian Folk Dancers 3-2020
Evan Jordan, '18
Barkan Kavlicoglu
Patrick Laplace, '99 Avicenna Tomb
Alex Larkin, '12
Nath Mangoba, '99
Troy Martin, '95 San Francisco 3-2020
Frank Marinovic
Brett McElhaney, '00
Hasan Mohammad
Ryan Moore, '98
Jennifer Moore, '00
Jessen Mortensen, '01
Cole Mortensen, '03
Brian Nakashoji, '14
Robert Nelson, '07
Melissa O'Brien, '07
Dan O'Connor, '91 Emerald Bay 9-18-20
James Orie, '88
Donald Orie, '88
Vu Phan, '05
Matt Randall, '99
Erik Reinhardt, '02
Phil Robarts
Taylor Schwartz, '91 Statue of Liberty 10-2019
Marcello Sgambelluri, '99
Heinere Sha
Joseph Shields, '89 Emerald Bay 8-25-20
Dave Straw, '92
Deependra Subedi, '19
Kandasamy Sureshkumar, '04
Sri Uthiram
Tassos Vlassis, '00
Spiro Vrontinos, '89
Hongyu Wang, '02
Nadim Wehbe, '92 Khajoo Bridge
Simon Wong, '84 Brooklyn Bridge 5-2020